Long Distance Dogs - Remote dog training (VIDEO) February 2018

I am very excited to announce that I Love Your Dog is now offering Long Distance Dog Training through online video chat services (such as Skype or Zoom)!

Does virtual dog training work?

Many people struggle with dog behaviour “problems" but as is often the case, they cannot find a competent, professional and/or reward based dog trainer in their area. In very isolated areas there may not even be one dog trainer for hundreds of miles and folks are left to either drive hours to find one or resort to internet research and youtube videos. While these options can both prove fruitful, they can also prove stressful and time consuming. Long drives are strenuous on both humans and dogs and the internet is a mysterious place filled with misinformation and contradictions. Thankfully there is a new wave of dog training on the rise - Virtual Consults in real time via video chat over the internet (typically using services such as Skype or Zoom). Remote consults like this have proven to be a very effective way for professional dog trainers to coach, support and train owners. We are able to communicate in real time, demo training techniques using our dogs (or a stuffed fugazi dog) and we can ask that clients take videos of their training sessions (with a smart phone) to send in for feedback and coaching. This format lends itself particularly well to behaviour problems including fear and aggression issues where a lot of the consult is spent discussing history, the training plan and how to manage the situation (unlike basic obedience which is much more straight forward).

What should you expect?

I meet new clients for a 60-90 min initial video chat where we will go over the dogs history, assess the problem behaviours and start working towards a solution. After the consult I will send you an information sheet specific to your case with clear homework instructions and supplementary information that may be useful. I also provide follow up support through email including video reviewing and coaching. Depending on the problem type I may recommend the client buy a package deal which includes a number of follow up sessions (30 min each).

Here is an example of a training video that a client might send me for feedback.

This video is me learning how to be a dog trainer years ago. I filmed it with my smartphone propped up on the floor.

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