How to Train an Emergency Recall (VIDEO)

Emergency recall is very easy to teach, provided you start slow and pay big!

Important points to remember:

 1. Ensure that your emergency recall cue is the first and main predictor of the treat party. Always say your cue when your dog is NOT...

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How to make tug toys for dogs (VIDEO)

Fleece tug toys are easy to make and do not fray when chewed, however always supervise to ensure your dog does not swallow pieces they may chew off.

Tug games are a great way to have fun with your dog, drain their energy, reward them in training...

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On-Leash Etiquette, Management and Reactivity (VIDEO)

It can be helpful to understand and appreciate the inherently frustrating situation we put our dogs in a lot of time. Dogs are highly social animals and when we put them on a leash they are set up for frustration by the sight of people and dogs they...

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Why “Board & Train” might be right for you and your dog

Isn’t it ironic that the majority of my job as a dog trainer is spent training humans? We all know that in an ideal world a dog owner learns how to train their dog themselves. However we don’t live in an ideal world. People with high pressure careers...

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The Art of Stuffing Puzzle Toys for Dogs (VIDEO)

About once or twice a month I set myself up at the kitchen table to stuff and freeze puzzle toys for my dogs. The 15 minutes it takes me to fill about 10 toys turns into hours of my dog’s time spent hard at work trying un-stuff them.

I do this because...

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Why you should stop chanting cues at your dog (VIDEO)

When you ask your dog to sit, do they do it immediately or do you have to repeat yourself a few times? Can you hear yourself saying “Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit…” or giving a hand signal over and over? If so I want to urge you to break the habit immediately...

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The Dog Trainer's Secret

Have you ever wondered why professional trainers are so good at getting reliable behaviour in animals? Have you ever noticed your dog will do anything for your trainer in class but when you get home they suddenly seem to have suffered hearing loss...

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Harness the Love - Tips for On-Leash Walking

Training a dog to walk on a loose leash is one of the biggest challenges most dog owners face. The need for consistency is paramount, however when you are trying to be consistent with an activity that your dog needs at least 3 times a day to do their...

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What is Normal Dog Play?

The leading hypothesis for the adaptive function of play in animals is the rehearsal of important life skills like getting enough to eat, avoiding being eaten, avoiding injury/disease and reproducing. This is exactly what we observe in dog-dog play...

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Muzzle Safety and Training

Muzzle training is a fun and rewarding activity to work on with your dog whether they have a history of aggressive behaviour or not. Some dogs are prone to ingesting non food items such as sticks or rocks which can lead to serious injuries. A muzzle...

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Dogs and Wildlife - Tips for going Off-leash

Some of my favourite moments with my dog, Shadow, have been the opportunities to un-clip his leash and watch him run free without restraint. Alternatively, some of my most stressful moments with Shadow have been after he spots a critter and takes...

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