Crate Training

Crate training! We are working on adding the verbal cue “crate time” as well as increasing the duration between the door being closed and being rewarded. The door closing her inside predicts good things! • • • This exact step is to give the verbal cue, then the hand-signal and wait for the dog to go in the crate (no treats in hand). When they do close the door, count 5 seconds and then feed a few treats through the door, open and let exit at will. • • • The 2nd trial in this video is a great example of giving the cue once and then allowing the dog time to think about it. Angel learned sit recently and so she is guessing that’s probably what I want, it doesn’t take long for her to try something else which happens to be what I wanted! #rewardbaseddogtraining #cratetraining #samoyedpuppy #samoyed #dogtraining #usefood #treatpride

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Verbal Discrimination (Cues)

Sit Stay

Down Stay

Go to your Bed

Eye Contact

Recall (Come when Called)

Harness Conditioning

Collar Conditioning

Halti Counditioning

I’m doing some halti conditioning with Angel as a back up plan for her owners just in case she becomes a strong puller (she is bred to be after all, AND she is one of those lucky country dogs who will get to be off leash primarily so she may not get as much training on leash as a city dog). Head-harnesses like this are meant to give the handler more leverage over the dog, they’re NOT meant to be uncomfortable or painful - unlike choke, prong and shock which rely on discomfort to function properly. Alas, regardless of the intention, many dogs do find Head Harnesses aversive as evident by their behaviour when they try to rub them off repeatedly. Fortunately a little time can be spent in advance conditioning your dog to enjoy (and excitedly anticipate) the sensation of the nose strap and this makes a world of difference! We are on Step 2 of my Halti conditioning plan in which I hold the nose loop up, lure her nose through and feed her lunch meats for 5 seconds. #rewardbaseddogtraining #samoyed #iloveyourdog

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Loose Leash Walking

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