Allison was wonderful to work with. We train/boarded our 3 year old golden retriever with her for two weeks in August 2019 after a strong endorsement from another highly respected dog trainer. She gave us detailed updates, photos and videos every single day during his stay. The progress he made was amazing to see, particularly when we saw how gentle and positive her techniques were. Our dog looked thrilled to learn and cooperate during his training. She also took it upon herself to groom him (twice!), administer ear medications twice daily. We never once questioned his safety or happiness. Upon his return home, Allison met with us for over an hour to review his training program and detailed program for next steps/implementation in our household. We could see firsthand through his interactions with her that he was so happy and had learned so much. I highly recommend Allison to anyone looking to board and train their dog. Your dog will have the best possible safe experience, and you will have complete peace of mind, knowing that she is well worth the investment. - Gillian


What a great trainer! Allison is energetic, positive and has great tips and tricks aimed at getting your dog to behave. Before she arrived to help me with Bailey, I was wondering whether there was ANYTHING I could do to encourage him to stop jumping, mouthing and dragging me by the leash. The benefits of her expertise were apparent almost immediately. She had suggestions on everything from harnesses, to leashes, to what kinds of treats to use and how and when to use them. And she left me with reading material to help refresh my memory on what we'd learned. I'm confident that with positive and consistent training, using the methods she recommended, Bailey will be the sweet, well-behaved dog I know he can be. Thank-you, Allison! - Regis


Allison is fantastic! She really does love your dog and the communication while your dog is with her is amazing. We recieved daily emails and Instagram posts with pictures and little videos of our pup Using positive reinforcement techniques, Cairo is learning at an amazing rate. Allison has given us great comfort that our dog is getting the best possible care while we are away. - Tracey


I highly recommend Allison’s training services! My 6 month old puppy stayed with her for 2 weeks for a Board N’ Train. He is now 10 months old and his training has stuck super well! She taught him an emergency recall (which has come in handy SOO many times!), sit-stay, down-stay, introduced him to canoeing and swimming (he is now an avid swimmer), and all the while providing lots of exercise and mental stimulation. She cared for him as she would her own dogs. I also know I can still ask her questions about training and have her on-going support. I cannot recommend Allison enough!! - Brittany


We enlisted Allison to work with our three year old mixed breed who has been challenged with various behavior issues including aggression towards other dogs and separation anxiety. She worked with us to develop a specific and practical action plan to identify and address the underlying issues. Over three weeks with Banksy she was able to make measurable impact on all of the targeted areas and put us on a course we believe will increase the joy we have with our beloved dog. We can't thank or recommend Allison enough. - Sean


Very very few people on this planet I’d share my fur baby with and know that she is havin* the time of her life. We go away and Akuna too gets a mini get-away. I adore ...I LOVE YOUR DOG. - Bethan

Tor and Khaleesi

I would like to give a big shout out of appreciation for our LGD dog trainer/teacher Alison Wells. Alison drives in 1.5 hours from Halliburton, Ontario to help us work efficiently and effectively with Tor and Khaleesi. Alison only uses positive reinforcement techniques and provides plenty of support materials and cool tips and tricks for working with dogs! Alison will play a significant role in the future progeny of Tor and Khaleesi and their new human families. Thank you Alison! - Wizard of Boz

Ripley and Moya

Allison is bar none the best trainer to hire for your dogs needs! She really knows her stuff and it is inspiring to be around such a positive person. Our Porties had immediately responded to Allison as if they already knew her on the first day . Her recommendations for addressing issues like hair dryer and vacuum sounds causing stress for our dog were practical and easy to implement into a daily routine. Her own dogs are a testament to her talents as well and are a pleasure to meet. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that asks. Positive training techniques work! - Gabrielle


Our dog Leon was super sensitive and timid from birth. By the time he reached one year of age, he needed private walks from a kind, patient, knowledgeable person who had experience with fear reactive dogs. We were so lucky to find Allison because she was all of those things and more. Her focus was always on ensuring Leon had the best quality of life possible, and she really took the time to understand him and his need to feel safe. As part of her walks with Leon, she taught him various commands to keep him mentally stimulated and engaged. She also worked with my husband, me and Leon in showing us a training technique to help Leon with his recall. We saw so much progress in 24 hours. But by far the best part about having Allison work with Leon was seeing just how happy he would get whenever she came by! She has a tremendous ability to relate to and engage with dogs and has found her calling in my opinion (and surely Leon's opinion as well)! - Julie

Rudy & Zac

We met Allison in the park with Shadow and it was a highlight of 2012 for our family. Another highlight was getting our second Aussie Shepherd rescue, Zak. We previously had them with another service and there is no comparison; our dogs adore Allison. The moment she arrives they race down the stairs yelping with excitement. The 2 dogs can be a handful and Allison handles them with great diplomacy and love. She is a wonderful communicator and if there are ever issues she comes up with solutions and discusses them with you. We get pictures sent to us, and little notes; she loves what she does and it really shows and the dogs know it! I trust Allison completely and we have constant asks of her and nothing is ever an issue. She is honest and honourable. We are so lucky to have Allison in our lives. - Susan & Ian


Allison is the best dog walker I could ask for! She is so reliable, attentive and professional in her business, but she is so much more then that. She really cares about the dogs she walks, and I feel she treats my dog Smith like she would her own. She takes into consideration my dog’s needs, and makes sure he’s in the right setting and group dynamic. It makes my life so much easier knowing my dog is being walked by Allison, and I have complete trust in her care. Getting updates everyday is a great way to see what Smith is up to and see who he is playing with. Smith just adores her and I don’t know what we would do without her! - Katie


I met Allison in the elevator of my building with a very happy looking dog at her feet and said hello. A week later I had her walking Charlie and ever since he has been happier than he has been in months. I work a strange and constantly changing schedule and Allison slipped in perfectly and was always adaptable and communicative every step of the way. She really really loves dogs and has such a powerful intuition for what they need in order to be their happiest. Along the way she also did minor training to cure him of some bad habits and she approached these small training efforts with curiosity and enthusiasm. I’m so happy that Charlie has such a dedicated and kind friend in Allison during the day. Its made a huge difference in his quality of life. And the pictures she takes… Best dog walker photos I’ve ever seen! - Patrick


Allison Wells has been walking our mix breed 5 year old adopted dog – Shortie - for almost one year. Allison is so committed, and has never missed or canceled a day walking Shortie – no matter what the weather conditions (and 2013 included a longer winter and a lot of snow). Shortie adores Allison and this is testament enough for me. Allison is kind, consciousness, and professional and always goes above and beyond. Every day she leaves us a note to let us know how Shorty’s walk went and the ‘business’ he did! She is the most reliable, responsive and amazing dog walker we’ve ever had and I cannot say enough great things about her. If you’re looking for an incredible person to look after and walk your dog. Look no further. - Debbie and Kyle


Allison is highly responsible and cares for and about my dog as I do. She also is studying about training and canine language on an ongoing basis and all benefit from this. My dog feels like part of her family and is delighted to see her. Highly recommended. - Jane

Elliott and Melvin

Allison is by far the best, most professional dog walker I have ever had (and I’ve had some 20 of them). She is extremely reliable, always on time, yet flexible with her schedules in emergencies and always goes out of her way to accommodate last minute requests. When I ended up in a wheelchair for 3 months she was my saviour! Having gone through 8 different dog walking companies (all of them well known in my area) as no one seemed capable of handling my 2 large active dogs, she had no problems showing them who was the leader, all while providing structure and oodles of positive reinforcements on the walks. My dogs quickly took to her and thus lifted a huge weight off my shoulders as i was unable to walk them myself. Iloveyourdog always leaves detailed messages, notifies me immediately if something is out of the ordinary and are very professional while having huge passion for their business. I have met many dog walkers but none that love what they do as much as Allison at Iloveyourdog. I recommend her to everyone!! - Linda


Allison is the standard all dog walkers can only strive to. Professional, friendly, and a vigilant and capable guardian of her pack. Also note: you get a great pic of your dog posted after every walk and a hand written note at home detailing the day's activities. Above and beyond. I highly recommend her. - Mark