How to Train an Emergency Recall (VIDEO) September 2022

Emergency recall is very easy to teach, provided you start slow and pay big!

Important points to remember:

 1. Ensure that your emergency recall cue is the first and main predictor of the treat party. Always say your cue when your dog is NOT expecting treats!

 2. Use amazing treats and be generous - reliable reinforcement = reliable recalls!

 3. Set your dog up for success and only use the cue when you are 90% sure your dog will respond. If they do not respond, don’t repeat the cue, rather save it to try again later when they are less distracted.

The Training Plan:

Step 1: Inside - No distractions - 5 feet

Step 2: Outside - Low-level distractions - 5-10 feet

Step 3: Outside - Low-level distractions - 20+ feet

Step 4: Outside - Medium-level distractions - 5-10 feet

Step 5: Outside - Medium-level distractions - 20+ feet

Step 6: Outside - High-level distractions - 5-10 feet

Step 7: Outside - High-level distractions - 20+ feet